Directed by 16




It was the first day back after summer break and the parking lot was full of kids talking next to their cars. The boys smoked cigarettes and listening to loud music, while the girls goofed around and talked as if someone was trying to listen in on their conversation. A lot had changed that summer – Especially for SIXTEEN [16]. It was the first day of his junior year. 16 had grew what seemed like six inches over the three summer months. He also had stacked some substantial cash mowing lawns, started getting regular BJ’s from his girlfriend, and most importantly – turned SIXTEEN. All of that new found success and freedom was wrapped around his neck as an 18 karat Figaro style gold chain. He exited his 1987 S10 Blazer in a cloud of confidence with a still half lit Kool Filter King.




16 was a scrawny 5’10”, but his Rottweiler BUSTER had just turned three and was a loyal sidekick – they went everywhere together, they played together, and even shared the same bed. At this point 16 had spent countless hours training him into a gentle beast that was the sweetest dog you’d ever met but would rip your head off if you had malintent. Buster had a tongue the size of your hand and gave 16 his normal bath of kisses to the face. The kisses turned to a nip on the chin, which turned into a wrestling match, which ended with 16 pinning Buster on his back in a pretzel like move. Buster always let 16 win.


16 popped up, brushed the dog hair off his Hilfiger rugby, headed to the far corner of the basement, and stepped up onto the arm of a worn out sofa in the corner of the room. 16 braced himself against the wall and reached up into the drop tile ceiling where he kept his porn mags, weed, a wad of cash, a couple knives, and anything else he didn’t want his mom to find. He pulled the cash out of the ceiling – there had to be at least two thousand dollars in the roll, which was a shit ton of money for a 16 year old from a family with a blue collar Tennessee background. He pulled what appeared to be $600 off the wad of cash, put the remaining cash back in the ceiling, put the tile back in place, and then rubbed the bits of tile dust out of his eyes that fell in his face every time he got something out from up there.